Numz is a closed personal wagering platform that has bookmakers like feel, but does not charge any type of commission! You bet only with family and close friends using points called Numzees. Application provides a suggested line to both players, but players can also set their own line as long as it is accepted by the opposing player. Bets are settled automatically and both parties are informed about it.


Group of operators, running private investment fund.


We went through the whole development cycle. The product has now been over a few iterations of updates to be in its current place. It uses best practices that can be found on biggest betting platforms. Due to customer limited time we handled a large part of product definition starting with customer idea

Challenges & Solutions

Complex business domain

From a user perspective the classic betting process is simple, however in this case there is no house, and the bet is held with another player. We solved it by introducing familiar to other leading platforms betting process together with friendly design to achieve a highly effective user experience.


Platform needed to be easily extensible by new bet types and ways to settle those bets. This has been achieved with well thought application architecture.

Game lines

Players need to know who to bet, when the game has ended and what was the result. We performed the market research prior picking the most efficient and reliable partner as this data is core of the platform.

Tech stack




.NET Core, MySQL


React, Redux


Azure DevOps


Twilio, SendGrid, Lines provider

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