Cookies & Privacy policy

This Privacy and Cookies Policy describes the principles of personal data handling and the use of cookies on the Website maintained by PROGNETICS Sp. z o.o. with its registered office at Grzybowska 87, 00-844 Warsaw.

Chapter 1
Definitions and general information

For this privacy policy, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

1.1.The administrator of the website is PROGNETICS Sp. z o.o. with its registered office at Grzybowska 87, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland

1.2 Site – the website is available at:

1.3 User – each entity that uses the Site.

1.4 Administrator performs the function of obtaining information about Users and their behavior in the following way:

  • through voluntarily entered information in the forms,
  • by saving cookies (so-called “cookies”) in terminal devices.

1.5 Contact the Administrator possible at the e-mail address: 

Chapter 2
Information in the forms

2.1 The Administrator collects information provided voluntarily by the User.

2.2 The Administrator can also save the information about the connection parameters (timestamp, IP address).

2.3 The data in the form will not be made available to third parties.

2.4 If the data in the form allows the identification of a natural person, then the person has the right to inspect, modify and request to stop processing their data at any time. Data provided in the form are processed for the purpose resulting from the function of a particular form, e.g. for the purpose of business contact.

Chapter 3
Information about cookies

3.1 The Administrator uses cookies, i.e. small text information stored on the User’s end device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone). Cookies can be read by the Administrator’s IT system.

3.2 The Administrator stores cookies on the User’s end device and then, gains access to the information contained therein for statistical purposes, for marketing purposes (remarketing), and to ensure proper operation of the Site. 

3.3 The Administrator hereby informs the User that it is possible to configure the Internet browser in a way, which prevents the storage of cookies on the User’s end device. In such a situation, using the Site by the User may be difficult. 

3.4 The Administrator hereby informs that the User can delete cookie files after they have been stored by the Administrator, utilizing adequate functions of the Internet browser, programs used for that purpose, or by using adequate tools available within the operating system used by the User.

Chapter 4
Sharing and commissioning data processing

4.1 Data shall be made available to external entities only within the limits of the law.

4.2 Data enabling the identification of a natural person shall be made available only with that person’s consent.

4.3 The Administrator may be obliged to provide information collected from the Site to authorized bodies based on lawful requests to the extent resulting from the request.

Chapter 5
Server logs

5.1 Using the Site involves sending requests to the server, on which the Site is stored.

5.2 Each query sent to the server is recorded in server logs. Logs include, among others, the User’s IP address, server date and time, information about the web browser and operating system used by the User. 

5.3 Logs are saved and stored on the server.

5.4 Data saved in server logs are not associated with a particular person using the Site, and are not used by the Administrator to identify the User.

5.5 Server logs constitute only an auxiliary material used for administration of the Site, and their content is not revealed to anyone except for persons authorized to administer the server.

Chapter 6

The Administrator reserves the right to change its privacy policy. Persons using the Website are bound by its current version, available at:

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent by most websites you visit. They are stored on your browsing devices such as your computer, laptop, phone, smartphone, and any other internet-enabled device with memory. Cookies contain information that is necessary for websites to function properly. Above all, they are necessary for tasks that require authorization, e.g. logging into an email account, an online store, or a social network.

When do we use them and why?

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Cookies with us.

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