Our goal is to make your product successful and keep you ahead of the game. The core of our team are experts with minimum 10 years’ industry experience, who used to work on an array of products in industries such as insurance, public sector, tech-based companies and start-ups.



We have a transparent development process and we make sure to involve you in every step of it. We plan the work together. After launching the development phase, we create a test environment so you can validate progress and the look and feel of the app. We communicate across multiple channels including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, phone and email.

Product focus

We want to take your success to the next level! That’s why we always take a case-by-case approach to each project and recommend solutions that will ensure your product finds a market fit. We are not afraid to challenge the status quo.


We want to be your trusted technical partner. That’s why we feel strong responsibility for the final result. We strive to simplify complex processes.

Remote culture

We embrace remote work culture since day one, which is why our processes are aligned to this specific working style. Owing to this, you can put minimal effort into the project if you have a lot on your plate with other responsibilities.




Infrastructure & Management




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