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Developers and technology tailored to your projects

  What do we do?

Tailored .NET and AZURE solutions for businesses

At Prognetics, we match your needs with a professional and experienced team of developers. We provide a full-stack combination of Microsoft technology with modern JavaScript, using React and Angular.

With PROgnetics you can be sure that your project goals will be achieved at a PRO level.
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Team augmentation

Experienced .NET and AZURE developers will achieve your goals on time and on budget.
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Dedicated team

We will match .NET and AZURE programmer teams with your organisation.
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The Skills Academy

We will train your team so that they can be more effective on their own.

What makes us stand out?

With matching technology, you can PROa hundred more

Tailored Microsoft .NET technology helps you to achieve your business goals. Choose experienced Prognetics developers for your project. We are experts in creating, implementing and running apps.

.NET technology means


Optimal operation is achieved by compiling the code just before execution, thanks to JIT (Just- In-Time) compilation. .NET also uses efficient memory management.


We create complete ecosystems integrated with other Microsoft solutions like Azure Cloud and automation tools like Azure DevOps.

Versatility across platforms

This empowers us to create web, desktop and mobile apps compatible with key operating systems: Windows and Linux, macOS.


The technology has been proven by corporations from industries such as insurance, finance, medicine, as well as by small businesses and startups. These solutions are designed with the future in mind.

Well-established programming language

We utilise the most popular collection of libraries, tools and principles for application and software development, as highlighted by the 2022 Stack Overflow survey. Our focus is on .NET, Azure and C# technologies.

Open Source

The release of the Microsoft .NET source code enables greater stability and faster development, driven by the involvement of the open source community.






We help you to achieve results by creating PRO teams.

Thanks to the PROgnetics experts, you will attain your desired results at the PRO level

  About us

Prognetics – PRO for you

At Prognetics, we are a team for which designing and developing software is more than a passion.

Our goal is your peace of mind. We will match your business with the best team and the latest technology. We will make sure that you achieve your goal. As simple as that, we PROmise.
At Prognetics, we create tech solutions for companies and open source. Our developers have over 10 years of experience using the latest technologies. Our experience spans working with small and medium-sized enterprises, larger corporations, and the public sector.
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PROgnetics values

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We speak your language.
We put emphasis on understanding your needs, expectations and goals.
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We select experts that are a perfect fit with your company. Their skills guarantee the achievement of your goals.
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Timeliness and cost-effectiveness. These are PRO features. We take care of your projects as if they were our own.
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We empower your team and developers through training. We create open-source solutions and cultivate talent via the Skills Academy.

Who have we already helped?

Our experience in project implementation

Our specialists, equipped with leading technology, have delivered projects for:

  About us

Why Prognetics

For us, your business means more than just code. We care, plain and simple. We care about your success and satisfaction. This is precisely what companies we work with have appreciated.
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Speed and efficiency

  • we answer your questions right away
  • we meet deadlines
  • each of our developers has the support of the entire team
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Culture fit

  • you get a note about each developer and how they would fit into your organisation
  • each team member knows the industry
  • you know exactly what expectations each of the developers meet
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  • we actively create open source solutions
  • we share knowledge at the Skills Academy
  • we are a member of the “ITCORNER”
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  • we care about understanding at the PRO level
  • we speak the language of your organisation
  • we will do everything we can to help you achieve your project goals
We are
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Jesteśmy partnerem wielkich firm

Prognetics. Here's how we work.

Let's get to know each other

Let's see if there's chemistry between us.

Let's meet for a chat. If we agree that our collaboration will bring results – we’ll move on to the specifics.

Your goals

What do you do, and what do you want to achieve?

We'll ascertain your goals and expectations, ensuring a thorough understanding.

For you

What can we do for you?

We provide the most suitable solution tailored to your project.

Your team

We carefully select qualified and proven talent.

We build your team exclusively from programmers verified by us.

Let's do it!

We are looking forward to working with you.

We get projects moving fast. We don't like wasting time.

PRO technology

We don’t just build teams, we set the standard for developers.

The Skills Academy

We shape PRO experts.
Our mentoring program helps developers advance their programming skills from junior to senior level.
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The latest streams

We’re up to date.
We share information about technology as well as challenges faced by developers. Join our streams now.
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Open source

Accelerating Development!
We are part of the open source community. This allows us to improve the software we create much faster.
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What's new?


What's new?

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