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Developers and technology that achieves your goals


Why Prognetics

Customers see us as a partner who not only ensures the achievement of technological goals. What else they pay attention to when working with us is:

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we reach the destination efficiently and without complications

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Culture fit

teams aligned with the culture of the organization

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Help and flexible approach

you can count on us.
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Responsibility for results

we care about the ROI perspective of activities

  Hard evidence

Our clients' projects

#BusinessAnalysis #SoftwareArchitecture

Comprehensive analysis to unravel payment complexities and implement cashless solutions for AMIC, a leading gas station network in Poland.

#TeamAugmentation #SoftwareArchitecture #CustomDevelopment #Back-end #DevOps #Maintenance

We collaborated with Deloitte to enhance their system for assessing capital adequacy. Our consultant focused on system architecture, custom development, backend operations, and maintenance.

Development of an application for planning holiday sightseeing

#UX/UI #SoftwareArchitecture #MobileDevelopment

Creating a mobile application to create sightseeing plans for the most frequently visited cities in the world.

Consulting & App Dev for Airline App Startup

Przygotowanie podstawowej aplikacji dla podróżujących z planami zwiedzania, opartej na indywidualnym dostępie

Technologie, z których korzystaliśmy: Angular, React Native i .NET Core.

Web Development for Gambling Platform

#SytemArchitecture #WebDevelopment 

Creating a closed personal betting platform, in the style of bookmakers.


What's new?


What's new?

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