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Social gambling platform

“Will you bet?” How many times have you heard this phrase? People love betting. Oh right, about money, no money. Whatever. Just to be right. And win. Contrary to appearances, “bets” very often take place among family and friends. This was the insight our client had when he asked us to prepare a personal betting platform.


Creating a closed security platform, bookmaker style.


System architect


12 months




Numz - what we did

Numz is a closed personal betting platform that resembles a bookmaker. The difference is that it does not charge any commissions. You only bet with family and close friends using points called Numzees. The app provides a suggested line for each player, but players can also set their own line as long as it is accepted by the opposing player. Bets are settled automatically and both parties are informed.

Project scope:

We provided the concept from the discovery phase, process planning, programming, to production implementation.
The product uses the best practices that can be found on the largest bookmaker platforms.

  • Mobile application in React
  • .NET Core server application
  • Infrastructure in the cloud
  • Release automation
  • Research on external integrations
  • Choosing the right tools for your business needs



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Complex business domain

From the user’s point of view, the classic betting process is simple, but in this case the bet is not made at home but online, with another player. We use a betting process on the platform known from leading platforms of this type and with a friendly and safe design.

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Expansion possibilities

The platform had to be easily expanded with new types of bets and ways of settling them. We achieved this thanks to a well-thought-out application architecture.


PRO solution

Work process

Ideation Phase

Defining the functionality and processes in the application


Narrowing the functionalities to the minimum that should be included in the PoC version


Programming the server side in .NET, at the same time an application design project is created

Mobile application

Work related to the React Native mobile application


Application testing

Numz implementation

Numz implementation

Technology used


Other Prognetics projects

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Przygotowanie platformy do zamkniętych zakładów osobistych wykorzystujących system punktowy zwany Numzees.

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