With just five steps Steppsy will arrange all sightseeing activities taking into consideration: the types of places that user would like to see, length of stay, weather, time of the day and companions. Attractions database was created by professional guides and travelers! App includes maps integration, offline itineraries and many more features to make a trip more pleasant.



Steppsy is our internal product and has been released on the Android platform.


We went through the whole development cycle. As our internal solution the work included all business and product future related documentation that potential investors will be interested in.

Challenges & Solutions

Generating itinerary

With many search criteria, a large database we created an inhouse algorithm to create itineraries based on user input. Using different techniques we managed to keep the time used for building the plan to accepted minimum, even on low resources servers.

Ease of use

Look and feel was one of most important things in final product requirements. With defining correct user processes and creating exclusive UI kit we were able to keep integrity across the whole application.

Mobile technology pick

App had to work on both Android and iOS platforms. Prior picking the right technology from many available we performed solid market research to pick the one that will handle all the technical requirements and is production proven therefore reliable.

Tech stack


DigitalOcean, Linux, Docker, Nginx


.NET Core, PostgreSQL


React Native, Redux




Azure DevOps


Android payments, AdMob, Facebook, Google Maps

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